Creative Flow Qi Gong

In this mini-course learn to move energy blockages for improved creative productivity and overcoming creative blocks

This is the first launch of this mini-course and I'm offering it at big discount!


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Discover Qi Gong for Unblocking Creative Blocks & Increasing Productivity

Creative Flow Qi Gong is for creative people in the arts, entrepreneurs, and anyone needing increase their creative flow. It is for those feeling burnout, controlled by self-doubt, insecurity, overwhelm, and paralysis. Whether you're blocked on the business and promotion aspect of your creativity or blocked in the creative process itself, this practice will help clear the blocks in your body and help get the creative flow vital and clear energy moving.

You can do all the mental processing, affirmations, and mantras you want and it can be helpful, but ultimately what's happening is a physical response in your nervous system that's making you feel threatened and unsafe to move forwards, shutting you down, and keeping you stuck (to keep you safe.)

The feeling of being blocked or stuck with your creative goals, whether large or small, is not just in your thoughts and emotions, but also in your body. Many ancient traditions recognize that the body reacts to the mind and developed techniques for keeping energy pathways of the body open and flowing.

You can help yourself be more productive by moving through your creative blocks by engaging with your body in a way that intentionally moves energy to ground your body and calm your mind.

The frustration and self-anger that builds up when you feel you are not taking action on your creative dreams builds up and takes a toll on your mental health and as a result can somatize in your body, getting into a vicious feedback cycle.

Qi Gong practice can be done anytime and anywhere with no special clothes or gear. You can do it for just a few minutes and even people with chronic injuries or health issues can do it.

I'm a singer/songwriter, recording artist, fine artist, and online entrepreneur and have a lot of experience with navigating creative blocks and fears and understand what other creatives are going through. I'm also a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner trained in Medical Qi Gong with Qi Gong master and martial arts coach (coach of Jet Li) Li Junfeng.


This is the first launch of this mini-course and I'm offering it at big discount of $97, a reduction of 67% off the future price of $295.

"Mariana is one of the few people I’d classify as a true healer. Her patience and soothing, calm, supportive energy have helped me in more ways than one. She approaches problem-solving with a positive, spiritual approach that is truly unique. She has championed my creativity and career for years and her support is unparalleled. I’m so grateful for her unwavering support and guidance in my art."

Elena Mudd
Professional Photographer

"Songstress, weaving words and notes in grace and prayer, in life, in such love... Truly inspired by your artistry. "

Elizabeth A. Hin
President of the White Rose Foundation , Teacher and Poet

"Once when asked by her band how we might improve a song, Mari suggested we play it again, but spicier, as if we’d added a fire-roasted jalapeno to the chorus! As a musical partner and as a resilient friend she has always been unequaled in expression and genuine openness. I feel grateful to have known her for 9 years. Many people try to grow real meaning into their everyday lives, I’ve met few that succeed as often or as gracefully."

Robert E. Musseman III
Musician, Writer, Sound Engineer, and Film Maker

"After a few sessions with me, I felt clearer about why I was stuck and what to do about it. Soon after my sessions, the next steps on my path became clear and I got better results with less dread and anxiety. Thanks Mariana!"

Mariana Tirsa
Creativity Coach, Musician, Artist, Entrepreneur