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Naturally overcome postpartum  exhaustion, stress and new mother burnout with the best herbs, supplements, and mind/body practices.

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You became a mother to bring more into your life

MORE purpose from raising a precious little being.
MORE love from caring for your new baby.
MORE joy in experiencing the gift of motherhood.
MORE fulfillment from becoming an empowered woman and mother.

Imagine renewing and restoring your postpartum health, body, and mind, so you can experience the joy of motherhood and thrive in all areas of your life


I had “prepared” for motherhood and had the support of family and friends but I still didn’t know how to deal with the exhaustion, anxiety, and overwhelm I felt long after my baby was born.
When I finally understood WHY I was so exhausted and began to restore my body, mind, and spirit, I recovered my energy, began to enjoy my time with my baby, and found “myself” again.
Before I had a plan for restoring my health, vitality, and wellbeing, I barely had the energy to get through the day. And even though I had a lot of wonderfully supportive people around me, I felt hopeless and alone.
 Recovering from postpartum exhaustion gives you the energy and enthusiasm to build the life you want as a mother and so much more. I found my healing, and now want to help you find yours.

I Put All My Expereince Into A Step By Step Plan

 Are you a new mother who wants to unlock your potential as a woman and as a mother but you're overwhelmed?


Are you a mother to young children who is struggling with exhaustion despite taking great care of yourself?


Or maybe you have a desperate desire to improve your energy and wellbeing so you can be the best mom you can be, but don’t even know where to begin?

This program is designed specifically for mothers like you... 
wanting to have more energy, focus, and vitality to be the mother they want to be and to build a meaningful and fulfilling life as a woman. 


This is an intimate, guided virtual learning experience…
with specific steps for achieving better health, mood, and life balance. We will tackle one part of your plan at a time and learn to refine each step before we move to the next. You’ll leave feeling confident and empowered, not overwhelmed.


You'll have the opportunity to connect to other mothers,
share and honor your journey, and enjoy the support of a beautiful community of women.


You will leave with a simple and doable plan of action.
Even if you’ve never been a strong advocate for your own health or taken a single supplement, you can implement this step-by-step healing plan. You’ll also get handouts, extra resources, and shopping guides to keep you from getting overwhelmed.

We will work through your new mom exhaustion, including how to:

Herbs and Supplements to Rebalance and Restore

Replenish your healthy energy reserves by rebalancing your hormones naturally.

Train yourself to take refreshing naps, balance your heart’s circadian rhythm, and fall back to sleep faster.

Bounce back from stress with “fear melter” exercises and simple mind/body Qi Gong meditation practices that will reset your nervous system.

Breastfeeding & Herbal Safety

I talk to mothers who are worried about what they're passing to their baby through their breast milk all the time. This genuine concern makes them hesitant to take herbs and supplements while they're nursing.

Unfortunately, not a lot of research has been done on herb and supplements safety during breastfeeding. However, understanding how your body produces and filters breast milk can help you make an informed choice about what natural remedies to take.

I'll share with you the research I've done and my own recommendations as well as detailed advice on brands and formulations that I feel confident recommending to breastfeeding mothers.

Strengthen Your Energy

Imagine feeling more rested and ready to take on your day even when you're full-time parenting a newborn or toddler. There's a science to restoring your postpartum health and well-being.

We are going to walk step-by-step through a simple, clear herb and supplement strategy and the key elements for restoring your energy including how to:

  • Recover from fatigue and bounce back from stress with adaptogenic herbs
  • Use natural progesterone to bring your hormones into balance and feel calmer and more centered
  • How to add simple foods to your diet that will both increase your energy and combat sugar and carb cravings when your exhausted

Weekly Mind/Body Coaching Calls

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The Mamashine Plan

  In Our 6 Weeks You Will Learn & Practice...

Intro: Breastfeeding Safety

Knowing how to take herbs and supplements while breastfeeding is crucial to restoring your health. 90% of mothers don’t know how to get beyond this step. 

1. Lift Your Mood Naturally

Discover a trifecta of herbs and supplements to boost your mood, increase focus, and alleviate the effects of stress.

2. Re-Vitalize Energy with Tonifying Herbs

Learn best practices to heal fatigue without dependency on caffeine with trusted  herbs from Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

3. Support  Your  Hormone Balance

Learn how to support your hormones to give you both more energy, but also for a calmer and content emotional wellbeing.

4. Nourish Your Vitality Through Iron Rich Sources

Learn powerful ways to support your postpartum body and emotions by giving your blood natural support with foods and gentle supplements.  

5.Learn How To Get The Rest You Need 

Tackle the harmful effects of sleep deprivation by learning restorative sleep and rest techniques, even if your baby isn't sleeping through the night or you're not getting quality sleep. 



The Resilient Mama Within


3 Enjoyable Movement and Breathing Practices to Bring Your Mind & Body to Life


Nervous System Regulation + Enhanced Awareness + Joyful Meditation + Effortless Stress Relief


Your Guide:

Mariana Tirsa Kurko L. Ac

Following the birth of my son in 2004 I healed myself after a life threatening postpartum hemorrhage followed by three years of deep exhaustion, postpartum depression and chronic stress. At the same time I finished a Masters degree, became licensed as a Chinese Medicine practitioner, cared for my chronically ill mother, started the Mamashine blog which is read by thousands every day, AND I recorded my debut album as a singer-songwriter. I was able to do all this through learning what I am teaching in this course. I am not a doctor or mental health professional. I have a Masters in Science and am a licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine and medical Qi Gong practitioner. 



The Mamashine Plan

Naturally Overcome Postpartum Fatigue and New Mother Stress in 6 Steps


It doesn’t matter if you’re a working mom, stay-at-home mom, single mom, first-time mom, or you already have other children.

You can have the energy and wellbeing to not only cope with all the demands of life but also to thrive as a mother and a woman.

Choose The Best Plan For You

Self Study E-Course


Basic Plan

  • Weekly Video Lessons
  • Direct Feedback Within the Course From Instructor
  • Workbook
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Lifetime Access

E-Course with Weekly Coaching


Most Popular Plan

    • Weekly Video Lessons
    • Direct Feedback Within the Course From Instructor
    • Workbook
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Lifetime Access
    • Discounts on Products
    • Weekly Live Mind/Body 20 min. Classes
    • Weekly Live Group Support Zoom Call



E-Course, Weekly Coaching, + Individual Sessions


Full Support Package (Limited Availability)

    • Weekly Video Lessons
    • Direct Feedback Within the Course From Instructor
    • Workbook
    • Private Facebook Group
    • Lifetime Access
    • Discounts on Products
    • Weekly Live Mind/Body 20 min. Classes
    • Weekly Live Group Support Zoom Calls
    • 3 One Hour Individual Coaching Sessions
    •  Email Support



What You'll Experience When You Join The Mamashine Plan

9 In-Depth Training Modules

  • 30 exclusive Sense Writing neuro-sensory writing and movement sequences in both video and audio form
  • 6-part Sense Writing Theory video series
  • The Three Steps to Getting Started in Any Story

Live Training Calls

  • 6 Live Training Calls with Mariana (Scheduled for Thursdays at 1pm-1:30 CST (2pm-2:30 EST). All calls are recorded and available within 48 hours.)

Two Fully-supported Integration Weeks After The Last Module

  • To reflect and share with the group
  • To connect with other moms and find ways to continue on your connection
  • Gives you padding to catch up, even if you fall behind

Support via Private Community Group

  • Access to a supportive discussion group on our platform to post your learning and healing and connect with other women
  • Get personal feedback in the comments in the course from Mariana

The Life-Long Gift You Deserve

  • LIFETIME Access as Valued Alumni means you can retake the course as many times as you’d like, including all live sessions!
  • Bonus – Community group will continue to be moderated by Mariana for an additional month after the cou
  • 21-Day Money-Back Guarantee


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