Mariana Tirsa

Creative Process Coaching 

helping you overcome self-doubt and find self-dignity to realize your creative vision

FREE Creative Flow Qi Gong Mini-Course 

Using the moving meditation from centuries-old Asian martial arts of Qi Gong to help you increase creative productivity and overcome self-doubt.

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Free QI Gong Mini Course

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FREE Audio Labyrinth Meditation 

By using the ancient meditation practice of the Labyrinth you can work through creative roadblocks and into your future goals. This audio is accompanied by a finger maze version to practice the labyrinth if you don't have a labyrinth available to you.

FREE Audio Labyrinth Meditation

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Mariana Tirsa

Hi, I'm Mariana, singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, and creativity coach. My method is to go slow, take small steps, and cultivate loving compassion as you learn to move through the inevitable obstacles along the path toward your aspirations. I use archetypal and mind/body practices to help you realize your creative dreams.

"Mariana is one of the few people I’d classify as a true healer. Her patience and soothing, calm, supportive energy have helped me in more ways than one. She approaches problem-solving with a positive, spiritual approach that is truly unique. She has championed my creativity and career for years and her support is unparalleled. I’m so grateful for her unwavering support and guidance in my art."

Elena Mudd
Professional Photographer

"Songstress, weaving words and notes in grace and prayer, in life, in such love... Truly inspired by your artistry. "

Elizabeth A. Hin
President of the White Rose Foundation , Teacher and Poet

"Once when asked by her band how we might improve a song, Mari suggested we play it again, but spicier, as if we’d added a fire-roasted jalapeno to the chorus! As a musical partner and as a resilient friend she has always been unequaled in expression and genuine openness. I feel grateful to have known her for 9 years. Many people try to grow real meaning into their everyday lives, I’ve met few that succeed as often or as gracefully."

Robert E. Musseman III
Musician, Writer, Sound Engineer, and Film Maker