Mariana Tirsa Kurko L.Ac

Singer-Songwriter, Artist

Postpartum Wellness Coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine

Creative Process Coach 


Runaway Horse is My Music Project 

Lush Indie Folk / Dreamy Americana  

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Landscapes and abstract designs

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Maternal Health Advocate for Postpartum Health and Wellbeing

Blog, Courses, and Natural Remedies for the Postpartum Mother

Mamashine Blog

Healing & Advocacy

I have worked in alternative medicine for over twenty years as a massage therapist, acupuncturist, and herbalist.  I became committed to helping new mothers' postpartum health after my own challenges with postpartum depletion and depression. I created Mamashine as an online resource for postpartum women.

Creative Process Coaching and Courses

Qi Gong for Creative Flow Mini-Course (free)

Labyrinth Guided Mediation (free)

Creativity Coaching One-to-One Sessions

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Creative Flow & Process

Your creative dreams are worthy of support and you don't have to do it alone. Your work will improve the lives of others and fulfill your sense of having lived your life purpose. This is a noble and brave work and I can help you through the obstacles along the way. 


Elena Mudd

Professional Photographer

Mariana is one of the few people I’d classify as a true healer. Her patience and soothing, calm, supportive energy have helped me in more ways than one. She approaches problem-solving with a positive, spiritual approach that is truly unique. She has championed my creativity and career for years and her support is unparalleled. I’m so grateful for her unwavering support and guidance in my art.